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Designer Yarns are pleased to provide a selection of useful links to affiliated sites which may be helpful to our visitors.

Useful Links


Amano Website

Amanoyarns is the official website of Amano and features a complete listing of all their Yarns and Patterns, as well as information on Peruvian Vicuña wool.

Visit Amano Website...


Brittany Needles Website

Brittany Needles online is the official website of Brittany Needles,  and features the Benefits of Wood, product sizes and gauges as well as information on where to purchase products.

Visit Brittany Needles Website...

Debbie Bliss Logo

Debbie Bliss Website

Debbie Bliss online is the official website of Debbie Bliss and features a complete listing of all her Yarns, Patterns and Books along with some free pattern downloads and pattern revisions.

Visit Debbie Bliss Website...

Knitting Fever Website

Knitting Fever is America's premier distributor of fine handknitting yarns. The website contains a large selection of yarns and patterns from many well known designers and also includes a blog and lots of free patterns for download.

Visit Knitting Fever Website...

Louisa Harding Logo

Louisa Harding Website

The official website of Louisa Harding provides contact information for Louisa Harding direct as well as various international distributors.

Visit Louisa Harding Website...

Mirasol Website

The philosophy behind the Mirasol Project is very simple, the Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection. Here is a link to their website.

Visit Mirasol Website...

Noro Magazine

A link to the Noro Magazine website.

Visit Noro Magazine...

UK Hand Knitting Association

The UK Hand Knitting Association is dedicated to promoting hand knitting and crochet, passing on skills and initiating campaigns to ensure a thriving industry. Visit the website for the latest Knitting News, Events and Projects. We have details of local groups, shops, Crafts Clubs, Knitting For Charity and even Knitting as Therapy - "The Knitty–pedia of all things Hand Knitting & Crochet"

Visit UK Hand Knitting Association...

Vogue Knitting – Debbie Bliss Magazine

A link to current and back issues of Debbie Bliss Magazine which are available for purchase on the Vogue Knitting website.

Visit Vogue Knitting – Debbie Bliss Magazine...

Vogue Knitting Website

Vogue Knitting was lauched over 25 yeras ago and has established itself as the Knitting industry's leading magazine. The website contains feature articles, fashion previews and much including free pattern downloads.

Visit Vogue Knitting Website...

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