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Welcome to the Designer Yarns Blog where we hope to inform, entertain and inspire! Please feel free to get involved…

Designer Yarns Blog


After the rain: Louisa Harding Marmo

I have been thinking about the rain a lot this week and have been knitting it too! The sky is clear today after the departure of Storm Doris, but my needles are still speaking to me of water, thanks to the ‘raindrops’ swatch I’m knitting in Louisa Harding Marmo. This stitch pattern comes from Wendy […]

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Yarn love

When I started knitting again about 12 years ago I didn’t really know what I was in for. My prime goal in buying yarn was to ‘save money’ so I stuck to the cheap and cheerful stuff available at my nearest market stall. It was only when I ventured to a knitting group run by […]

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Using the right tools: Brittany needles

When I learnt to knit my nana taught me using long aluminium needles. I remember how cold they felt and how I had to grip them so hard they made my hands hurt. The tight stitches I created seemed to be held with a vice-like grip by the sticky metal and it just wasn’t a comfortable process. […]

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Knitting for kids with Debbie Bliss

Knitting a hat for my friend’s new baby a few weeks ago got me thinking about kid’s knits. Having learnt to knit as a child, my interest was renewed in my late 20s, but it was only when I became pregnant with my daughter that the desire to make things with sticks and string firmly took […]

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Dreaming of blankets: Fruity DK

My house has a lot of blankets. Between the giant crochet granny square which covers our bed, to the Hama bead-inspired heart design I dreamt up in a moment of madness (see below for proof!), and countless quilts I’ve stitched over the years, we aren’t short of covers to keep us cosy. And yet recently […]

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Trend watch: Shibori

As someone who wore tie dye in the 80s, I never thought I’d be into it again. But these days Pinterest is full of beautiful images of shibori, the Japanese art of precision resist dyeing, and I’m hooked! If you’re curious to know how it works, do check out my shibori Pinterest board for further info […]

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New yarn: Debbie Bliss Sita

Ahhhh, it’s new yarn time! January might not be my favourite month of the year, but with the arrival of the first spring/summer yarns, at least there’s a little hint that warmer weather is not quite so far away as it feels. My first cast-on this season has turned out to be Debbie Bliss Sita. An […]

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New Year’s knitting resolutions

I’m not mad keen on New Year’s resolutions. They’re hard to live up to and mean you can start the year with a sense of failure. Which seems like a bad idea to me. But when it comes to knitting and crochet, a fresh mindset can be beneficial. Think not so much of things you […]

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In love with lopis

This week, in between wrapping last minute presents and drinking too much sherry, I’ve been thinking a lot about Icelandic jumpers. That’s because, after years of plotting, I have finally had a design for a lopi-style sweater published. I’ve wanted to create a version of this kind of top, known as a lopapeysa, ever since stumbling across […]

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Last minute gift: Two Hour Cowl

With Christmas at T minus 2 days now is not the time to be going shopping unless you absolutely have to! If you need a last minute, no budget present, how about a super chunky cowl? I made one yesterday afternoon while watching Arthur Christmas with my eight-year-old and trying to prop my eyes open after […]

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